Maxim's Travel managers

Dianne Alster

Facilities and Administration Manager

Dianne Alster is a true veteran in the travel industry, having had 35 years of experience in various industry sectors under her belt, through diversifying the scope of her application to cover all facets of the travel industry.

As our Facilities and Administration Manager, Dianne's indispensible work serves as the keystone and reinforcement to Maxim's Travel's system and organisation. Commencing her career in a time when travel consultancy required rigorous training and instruction, Diane's education in accredited groundwork has ensured that she is well-versed in the crucial foundations of the profession.

Her vast knowledge-base is credited to her long-standing experience, enlightened and established by dealing with extremities of circumstance through her tenure in the travel profession. Essential to all areas of Maxim's processes, Dianne perfects the day to day running of our corporate agency with insurmountable dedication, ensuring all our valued client's expectations are met with satisfaction. The longevity of Maxim’s business relationships with our clients are testimony to Dianne's continuing commitment.