MAXIMise is Maxim's Travel's unique online booking engine that can be customised to specifically meet the individual needs of clients.

Its intuitive and simple interface allows bookings to be completed in as little as 60 seconds. MAXIMise is extremely flexible and can be customised to suit individual clients' corporate travel policies.

Easy to use, MAXIMise allows our clients complete access and control to travel booking features, whilst ensuring company compliance is enforced. MAXIMise accurately analyses individual traveller's activities and supplies detailed reporting to the client.

With seamless integration to our airline reservation system, Galileo, MAXIMise provides clients with airlines schedules, last seat availability, and online booking capabilities. With access to individual travel profiles, travellers can manage their own information.

Online Reporting

Maxim's real-time, interactive online reporting facility provides clients with insightful tools that, through its comprehensive reporting, effectively assists the management of corporate travel. This detailed reporting provides complete control in report delivery, be it monthly, weekly or daily, producing quality, relevant and reliable information. Up-to-date specifics guarantee a precise understanding of company travel expenses.

The suite of online reports available in real time includes:

  • Expenditure Reports
  • Corporate – Air, Hotel, Car
  • Savings - Air, Hotel, Car
  • Air spend by class
  • Air spend by destination
  • Traveller Analysis
  • International vs. Domestic Air Spend
  • Financial Reports
  • Issued Tickets
  • Credit Card
  • Invoices
  • Debtor statement by
  • Invoice / Booking
  • Supplier Reports
  • Supplier – Air, Hotel, Car spend
  • City Pair Report
  • Hotel Room Nights
  • Trip Report
  • Management Reports
  • Traveller Location Report
  • E-Ticket Tracking Report