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Must stay connected

Posted on the 8th of October 2010 by Christopher Goddard, Managing Director

Aircraft used to be the one place that you could get away and “check-out” of work for a few relaxing hours.

Nowadays though, the work/life balance scale seems to be precariously tilting towards the work side with the introduction of wi-fi connectivity onboard both Emirates and recently announced Singapore Airlines. Because of this, I fear that the scale may as well be thrown out the window. 

Our thirst for “must stay connected” is, I think, detrimental to our own well being.Now I know that people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones and that I am guilty of this desire to work-work-work but the domain of 35000 feet used to be the one place where I had no excuse – I simply couldn’t log on. No doubt within 12 months, I will be wishing that this was still the case.

Progress moves at lightening pace and if we don’t get out of the way we’lll get run over but sometimes I think we need to throw a few tacks on the road to slow it down.

On another note, a very special thank you to all that attended our 25th Anniversary. To my fantastic staff I offer my enormous gratitude and, to our clients and suppliers, we simply would not be here without your support.  It was a fantastic night and proved that if you are driven to a goal and remain focused on achieving it, then you will succeed.

My sincere thanks and appreciation go to one and all.