partner relationships

Global Partnerships

Long-term client relationships are the foundation stone of Maxim's. Through our inclusion in the Helloworld Group together with industry suppliers worldwide, we can present unparalleled service to the corporate sector.

As a key member of the Helloworld Group, Australia's largest travel agency franchise group, Maxim's is a pioneer in changing the manner in which travel is sold. Its network comprises 725 travel centres across every state and territory.

Our membership of the International Travel Partnership (ITP) with its offices in 35 countries, increases our global footprint, allowing us to represent and care for our passengers worldwide.

Airline Partners

Maxim's strong connection with all major international and domestic airlines ensures the ability to purchase the best fares possible. Our exclusive and highly valued connection to the QANTAS Platinum Club bears testament to this.

Hotel Partners

Our clients' hotel needs and requests are attended to with detailed attention and care and our clients are guaranteed to be satisfied. We are strong affiliates to premium players in the hotel industry, enjoying significant relationships with hotel groups such as Hilton, Accor and Starwood. As a member of the Helloworld Group, Maxim's also has the added privilege of offering our clients negotiated rates via the Helloworld Hotel Programme. This provides our clients with an unparalleled selection when deciding on hotels and rates.